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About Us



ADD W1 - The Industry Leader of Vehicle Aftermarket Parts 

ADD W1 has been working in the automotive industry since past eighteen years and has an extensive experience in developing some of the most innovative and high-quality products including Oil Catch Can, Carbon-fiber heater shield filter, Boost controller, White face gauge, CNC Engine Dress Kit, CNC Gauge Holder and Engine Block Guard. 



The company started in 2005 from a small warehouse based in Ontario, California. Initially, our team consisted of just few members who worked tirelessly day and night to develop the best products and offer premium customer support. Due to the team's collective hard work, in just 2 years’ time, ADD W1 established itself as one of the leading names in the auto industry with double the workforce, new office, improved product lineup and is now preferred by automotive enthusiasts from all around the globe.


Our Philosophy and Process

 “Keep Doing Better”

At ADD W1, we believe in total customer satisfaction and after-sales support which gives us an edge over our competitors. Our unprecedented passion for the automobile is what drives us to produce top-quality automotive products and keep making improvements in order to deliver the best service possible. Our philosophy “Keep Doing Better”, encourages us to go one step ahead and supply more than what is required to ensure customer gratification.


Development Process

At ADD W1, each product goes through a number of steps with a dedicated team monitoring and controlling each phase of development.

The process starts in the Research department, where the team of industry experts does a market study to find out about customer’s requirement for newer products while another team is constantly involved in the research to improve current products in the lineup.

After Research, the data is transferred to the team of engineers who first construct a 3D model of the component. The development team then construct a prototype which goes through a number of tests before finalizing. Once the prototype is tested, the information is passed on to the manufacturing team who develop the actual product.

The dedicated Quality Assurance Team follows a series of test on the final product to ensure its quality, function, and durability. If any inconsistency is found during the testing procedure, the whole process starts over again.

After the product is shipped, the Research team continually monitors the reviews and public testimonials to see what could be done further to offer the best service at ADD W1.


Our Team

Our team consists of experts from all areas of the automotive industry including, research, detailing, sales, engineering, technician and more. All the team members are experienced individuals with an experience of over 12+ years in the automotive industry. It is their passion for the automobile which guarantees that every product that leaves the ADD W1 factory is of superior quality.


Why Choose ADD W1?

ADD W1 is committed to offering premier quality products to the customers. Our team ensures that every product which leaves the assembly line is rigorously tested for quality and durability. Moreover, our after-sales team is available 24/7 to help you with any queries and assist you in all matters related to our products.


Easy Installation

All the products at ADD W1 including the Oil Catch Can, Boost Controller, White Face Gauge, CNC Engine Dress Kit, Carbon Fiber Heater Shield Filter Cover, CNC Gauge Holder and Engine Block Guard, Gauge Holder, Oil Magnetic Plug are designed for easy installation and excellent fit.


Supreme Quality

All our products are thoroughly tested both manually and automatically using specialized machines to ensure phenomenal quality. Our products have been best-sellers on eBay and other marketplaces as well.


Upscale Design

ADD W1 Products do not only improve your vehicle’s performance but uplift the exterior persona of the car as well. Every product is available in different color and style to match your preference and enhance the overall feel of the vehicle.


Customer Satisfaction

Our relation with the client does not end when the product is delivered. Customer satisfaction is our top priority which is why we offer an excellent after-sales support program so that you can shop with complete peace of mind.