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Which Oil Catch Can should I Choose ?

Single Vs Dual Oil Catch can

Single Valve Catch Can – This particular catch can is tailor-made for naturally aspirated motors. In other words, it is perfect for those of you who are not focused on performance.
Dual Valve Catch Can – The dual valve catch can, on the other hand is designed to fit all types of engines may they be naturally aspirated engines or forced induction engines. This catch can is forged for vehicles that are being built for performance. Performance vehicles that have superchargers or turbos installed can earn more advantages from a catch can as the can catches unwanted oil vapor and stops it from going into the engine manifold.

Why Dual Oil Catch can and how does it work?

The Dual Catch Can Kit has both PCV and CCV side covered. This way the air is purified when it exits and enters the system. The catch can absorb the blow by, oil vapor and other pollutants that come through the PCV side and CCV side

Why V3.3 Oil catch can and how does it work?

The engine works by turning the intake manifold as the source of vacuum, which sucks all the blow-by back to the intake system. However, when the throttle is pressed (WOT), the intake manifold stops building the vacuum pressure and during this time, damaging compounds like blow-by water, carbon, ash, and sulfuric acid can go through and mix with the oil, damaging the engine in the process. The intake manifold is before the throttle and the catch can only work when in idle.
The V3.3 oil catch can work if the vehicle is in idle or in acceleration and is more efficient than a single oil catch can. The V3.3 catch cans are used as an additional suction source of help to the blow-by problem by Adding additional vacuum location just in front or upstream of the throttle body or TB inlet and we utilize one-way inline check valves that select the best possible suction source when the full throttle is open.

which oil catch can should i get ?

If you are not focused on a performance engine and not going to run the engine hard, go WOT, or track. The single oil catch can or dual oil catch can is fine. . The V3.3 is practically better because it provides the best results based on the strongest suction source at the time and generated suction just in front of the upstream of the throttle body or TB inlet.