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Top reasons for oil catch can and what is an Oil Catch Can?

During the combustion process, a certain amount of gas does not leave through the exhaust, rather it makes its way into the crankcase. The crankcase is equipped with a PCV valve which diverts the dirty air back to the intake system. An “oil catch can” sometimes referred to as a Catch Tank or Air/Oil Separator is a remarkable mechanical component that helps to separate oil from the dirty air. Once the air enters the catch can, it comes in contact with the baffles inside the can where the air condenses and separates into fuel, oil and other contaminants. All the contaminants fall to the bottom of the can while the clear air is sent back to the engine where it can be re-burned.

Although every gas-powered car experiences gas blow-by which is the buildup of oil vapor in the intake and throttle body, but mostly high-performance engines suffer badly as their performance drops significantly. If you notice an oily residue in your intake system, it is time better to get an oil catch can.