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What are the Oil Catch Can Benefits?

The Oil Catch Can is necessary for vehicles with direct fuel injection engines as the valve rings do not perfectly seal between the piston and the cylinder walls. Due to this gap, pressure, as well as burnt oil, escapes into the valve cover area producing blow-by. Blow-by makes its way into the PCV line and breather where they are recycled back into the intake manifold reducing the octane level. Moreover, the blow-by results in carbon deposits in the intake valve and the oil catch can help in reducing this deposit. This also ensures a long life of the engine as well as the oil as most contaminants are removed before they can get mixed with the engine oil. Also, the knock retard is eliminated due to the absence of contaminants resulting in a phenomenal performance as well as fuel economy.


How Often Should I Drain My Oil Catch Can?

It depends on the driving condition, driving range, blow-by buildup and weather condition which determines how often you should drain the oil catch can. However, we typically suggest to drive 500 miles after installing a catch can then drain the oil and measure the amount of buildup. This will help you determine easily when to drain the can.