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Do Non-Turbo Vehicles need Oil Catch Can or is it Only Necessary for Turbocharged and Supercharged Engines?

Every vehicles experiences carbon buildup and blow-by production on the intake valves whether it is naturally aspirated, turbocharged or supercharged. However, in turbocharged and supercharged cars, this carbon and blow-by buildup is in huge quantity especially when the vehicle is under boost. This makes it necessary to install an oil catch can in order to ensure a smooth engine performance.

The modern direct injected engine gets dirtier much faster than the traditional multi point fuel injection systems because the fuel moves directly into the combustion chamber and no fuel are sprayed on the intake valves to keep them clean. As a result, dirt accumulates on the walls of the intake manifold and intake valves causing a disrupting performance. Installing an oil catch can on a non turbo and turbocharged engine prevent by collect oil and carbon sludge buildup to the intake system and maximizes the engine performance.